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Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm on!

Finally, I figured this out. I didn't realize that I had to accept your invitation to join the blog. It makes sense that not just any yokle can post to your blog. That would get really messy really quick, no?! Talk to you ladies soon.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Blog and Those who Love It

Congratulations, Michelle! You did it! If this type of thing appeals to you, it's a relatively painless (ie. free) way to increase your internet visibility.

I guess I spend about 1 hour a day in the world of blogging. There's a couple of blogs I read daily for entertainment and information (see sidebar on my personal blog, Overexcitable) and then I usually compose my own post. Once I've written it I tag it with Technorati tags then I ping them to let them know I've written an update. At that point I usually browse the most recent posts tagged in with key words that relate to my business. If it seems relevant, I'll email the blogger about my website and offer a free sample session. I've set up a contact list so that I can log this type of activity and see if it's getting any results, based on my webstats (which allow me to find out how someone got to my site).

Why is it so popular? My personal opinion - it's free, easy, and gives you a chance to talk about yourself! Whatever your passion, there are people in the world that share it. The old way of internet communication between these niche groups was the bulletin board, then the list serve, now the blog. Blog is the newest but the best because you can easily add pictures and links plus everything is archived and searchable for all time. So rather than an ongoing conversation, it's more like a magazine - about you!

What's it about and where's it going? Big questions! I think the next big thing that will take over is RSS feeds. This is a bit like TIVO where you set your computer to give you all updated content that matches certain criteria, so rather than using a search engine like Google you will get your info delivered like a personal newspaper.
People are already doing this (again, see my sidebar - it's marked Site Feed. This creates the code necessary for RSS readers to find the content I write). But in general, I would say bloggers are tech-savvy early-adopting types, meaning they are willing to take chances on new products - like us! Hope that helps, but keep asking...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

i'm in

hey there..got this thing figured out i think...well, we'll see. wondering how much time you spend at this blogging thing joanna ie. the writing and the scanning other people's? also wondering what your thoughts are on why blogging is so popular, what it is used for and where it is all heading to??? it's all verrry interesting! maybe because it is new to me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


When you work alone on creating your coaching business, it's easy for resistance to sabotage you along the way. This team works together to support each other as we calm down our gremlins! We use each other's perspectives and ideas to solve our day-to-day problems through our weekly telemeetings. This blog is the result of a felt need for a general resource area accessible to all members - and anyone else interested!